Rosewood SS

French polishing is a traditional wood finishing technique that has been used on quality musical instruments for hundreds of years. It is a completely natural finish consisting of shellac flakes and natural resins dissolved in denatured alcohol. The finish is applied by hand over many sessions, making it a very time-intensive process.

French polishing results in a highly glossy surface with great depth and warmth and is considered to be one of the most beautiful ways to finish highly figured woods. It is also very smooth to the touch making a French polished neck a joy to play.

A French polished finish is thinner than the sprayed lacquer found on most guitars, and many believe that this enables the wood to resonate more freely. On the downside, it is less durable than modern varnishes and lacquers and is therefore more susceptible to scratches and fingermarks – however, it is also considerably easier to repair and touch up than these other finishes.